What and who is Get in Charge of Your Life?


We all have the potential to do great things in all areas of our life. However, do you also sometimes believe that you deserve more than you have? Do you feel that you are stuck where you are right now?

Everybody, including you, has untapped resources within that only wait to be discovered and released. You are not the product of outside circumstances. You can have control over what happens to you in life. It is time that you get in charge of your life.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help you on your path of personal growth. We want to help you to build the motivation to create an Exceptional You. We believe in a holistic approach to personal development. Only a balanced life can be truly fulfilled. We therefore cover areas of personal organization, goal setting and achievement, (self) awareness, finding your passion, (intrinsic) motivation and daily life hacks. An exceptional life does not happen to you but is created by you.

What we offer

We offer a variety of different live seminars, coaching groups, tools, apps, books and online courses. We offer multimodal learning experiences addressing all senses. The formats are adapted to your needs and meet the different time and money budgets you might have. All are aimed at helping you to create an exceptional you. In contrast with other offerings we do not stop there but also help you to maintain your growth and energy level. The Get in Charge of Your Life community will help you through difficult times in life and push you to the next level.

Who has started this?

Get in Charge of Your Life was developed and founded by Franz-Philippe Przybyl aka FPP (as nobody is able to pronounce his name properly…). Franz-Philippe has US, French and German origins. He has worked and lived in the US, Germany, England, Hong Kong and Gabon.

He is a serial entrepreneur and has built several companies from nothing to multi-million dollar turnover and profit within a few years. Only to have them shattered: once by the burst of the dotcom bubble and then again in the aftermath of the financial crisis of 2008. Every time he had to start completely from scratch again.

He realized that one of his unique abilities is to bridge different worlds and bring together different people, concepts, ideas and projects that would normally not connect to each other. He also thought deeply of how he was able to reach his successes and why he was able to get back up after being hit hard by life. He has decided to pass on the principles he learned and developed during this process to other people. This was the birth of Get in Charge of Your Life.

Upcoming Courses and Events

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